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Free yourself to live 

the life that you desire

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What would your life look like if that thing holding you back was no longer there?

Can you imagine a life of freedom? 

When  you release what is in your way you

align yourself and when you align yourself  you thrive




How is this Done?

We need different remedies at different times

Just like one pill does not cure all aliments, the right type of 

medicine is needed to create the right results

Ready  for Change?





What happens Next?

To understand what is going to be the right service for you and to

shift what is in your way, we schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call to speak to

the change you are ready for and to get clear on your intentions and goals  


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What is holding you back from your best life?

You can feel when you are ready to say that's it!!!

I'm ready to take action and to do what needs to be done

to create the life I have been waiting for

To Get Clear on Which Service will Best Serve You

Therapeutic Services to Support Your Journey

Holistic Counselling, Coaching & Somatic Release Therapy (Process the Past & Sculpt Your Future)

Shamanic Reiki & Cranio-Sacral Therapy (to Clear Subconscious Underlying & Hindering Patterns)

Vedic Astrology & Life Purpose Reports (to Understand Yourself & Your Unique Path in This Life)

Relationship Compatibility & Personal Roadblock Report (Get to the Roots of Relationship Issues)

About Cataya T Caven

After a spiritual awakening 20 years ago, 

I was opened to seeing the potential that resides

within each of us and the clarity to what is needed

 to step into living a life of freedom


Since that time I have followed that guidance

and trained in various modalities in order to be able to support others through the process of liberation

When we see what is holding

ourselves back from living the life we know we

came here to live, we must then take

action to free ourselves

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Trainings & Certifications

Holistic Counselling - Rhodes Wellness College

Shamanic Reiki - The Reiki Healing Foundation

Holistic Coaching - Rhodes Wellness College

Somatic Release Therapy - Somatic Institute

Cranio Sacral Therapy - Kari Toft Cranio Sacral

Jyotish Vedic Astrology - DLM Certified

In Holding Space Transformations Take Place

Each one of us has the tools and abilities within us to transform, shift &

 grow when we are given the right energy, space and awareness in order to do so

Connect with Me / Book a Free Call

Office Location
1125 Howe St (915 - Avenue Upstairs) Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2K8

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