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Cranio Sacral Therapy

Our bodies know how to heal themselves and only require our awareness brought

to the areas that need our attention the most, in order to see what needs doing to create healing


Cranio Sacral Therapy provides this awareness with a gentle nudge, activating your bodies intelligence to awaken your inner healer & to start to correct where the body needs healing the most

Healing with Cranio Sacral Therapy 

Allows the body to release restricted and held patterns that forgo's other modalities  

The root cause to pain and dysfunction can differ to the the symptoms that are presenting

Addresses the root cause and facilitates self correction at deep levels 

Affects can be quite profound as issues are worked on in ways that other techniques do not

Works on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the self 

Healings can be combined with Shamanic Reiki and can be both in person or distant


Cranio Sacral Therapy 

Release What is in Your Way to Live the Life that you Desire

Free Yourself 

Clear Your Mind to Clear Your Path and Liberate Your Life 


What a Session Looks Like


This modality is both a hands on and hands off therapy 


A Light Touch is applied to examine where the body is holding pain and old patterns


The body is then signalled to start to unwind and unravel holding points and pain points


Relief is felt as tension, strain and stress is eliminated boosting health and immunity


Shylean Jarraha

I suffered a concussion in November 2021 and started seeing Cataya in 2022. Before seeing her, I tried many other types of treatments that also worked, but I reached a point in my healing journey that required  me to further integrate all the physical and emotional impacts from my concussion. 
She taps into the subconscious and uncovers parts of the self that helped with my healing process. 
I can say with 100% confidence that she has been an integral part of my healing journey. She has unblocked the spiritual side of my brain, a part that has always been there but until after my concussion I was never able to tap into

Rey Brennen

Cataya is your all-in-one healer, basically if you have a problem of just about any kind, my experience has been that she can help you!
I had long heard that energy healing could work better than talk therapy in getting to the deep, hidden issues we all carry. 
It was not until working with Cataya that I actually felt and experienced this in action for myself. 
My experience in a year of working with Cataya continuously is that she truly has your best interest in mind and deeply cares about helping you heal and experience your full potential in life.

Jessica Nichole Rose

Cataya is incredibly diverse in her offerings, knowledgeable, wise, grounded, intellectual and powerful with her ability to heal and care for others.
She is present with her clients and I've never seen her fall short with professionalism.
She has boundaries and also puts other first.
Cataya has been a pillar support in my life for the last 3 years and still is today.
She makes herself available whenever times become challenging, confusing or dark   

Single 1 Hour Session $150

Package of 3 sessions $350

Package of 5 sessions $550

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