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Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing

Release What is in Your Way to Live the Life that You Desire

Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing

 Release Conscious & Unconscious Layers to Thrive

This modality connects with Universal Life Energy ~ When we
go through challenging situations such as a Physical Injury or Emotional
Pain this Energy can Stagnate and Overtime can Cause Illness or
Disconnect us from our Joy and to Flourishing in Life 

Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing

What you can Anticipate in a Session

Energy Medicine Works Similarly to Acupressure or Acupressure to Remove Blockages

It Improves the Flow of Energy, Relaxes the Body, Relieves Pain and Speeds up Healing

When Energy is in a Balanced Flow it Reduces Symptoms and Increases Our Vitality 

When You are Free of Physical and Emotional Pain, Joy, Inner Peace & Optimism Returns 

Sessions can be both In Person or Distant and Combined with Cranio Sacral Therapy  

Clear Anything that is in Your Way to Live the Life You Desire

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During a Session

The body is guided to revisit areas where experiences are being held


Similar to shining a flashlight into a dark hallway that has not been visited for a long time, our inner janitor can see what is there in these areas and signals to start to gently clean up these areas


The cleaning up process look like releasing, unwinding, letting go and integrating of old experiences. There is a Signalling to let go of pressure and strain and a reminder to what a  peaceful and gentle state of being looks like & how to come back to it with ease


The layers that release can be new or old, relating to current life or various past live. Shamanic Reiki combined with Cranio Sacral Therapy are a powerful mix used together. Sessions can be both hands on and off, in person or distant & combined with Cranio Sacral Therapy or separate

1 Hour Single Session $150
Package of 3 Sessions $350 
Package of 5 Sessions $550


Kasey Smith

I can only describe working with Cataya as if it were like you were speaking to your own guardian angel.


Thank-you Cataya

Jill Olsen

I have engaged in 3 separate distant healing sessions with Cataya; all which have been restorative and moving experiences. 

Thank-you Cataya

Solah Nightstar

Cataya is incredibly intuitive and a powerful healer. I have experienced both her Shamanic Cranio Sacral and energy clearing work and both offerings were effective and helpful. I highly recommend her work.

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